CG technology delivers a secure, scalable, modular sportsbook technology platform, configured and optimized to meet your needs. Anchored by the enterprise module, the core platform maintains all customer account details and transaction records, manages customer wallet funds, supports regulatory compliance, and generates a comprehensive suite of financial, analytical, and regulatory reports. Security modules are provided to manage geo-location, transactional security, device and patron authentication, and operator access controls. Our customer facing products and mobile apps are also modularized, and connect seamlessly to the enterprise module. The extensive and proprietary risk management module is our industry leading tool for managing risk in the race & sports wagering environment.  The technology platform modules can be delivered as a complete package, or individual modules can be deployed to meet your specific needs.

Mobile Wagering

Our mobile wagering solutions utilize our sophisticated, best-in-class technology to provide an innovative gaming experience. Our unique blend of software and hardware solutions have created a series of popular sports wagering and casino gaming options. In August 2014 we launched CG Sports, our state-of-the-art mobile sports wagering application available on Apple® and Android™ devices in the state of Nevada and also in Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Also popular is CG Casino, our proprietary mobile casino gaming application which offers customers a real-time and entertaining way to play both well-known casino-style games, as well as original games developed exclusively by CG Technology.


CG Technology’s account based sports wagering platform provides outstanding convenience and security for operators, regulators, and customers. Customers are able to wager on account via our web or mobile user interfaces using funds on deposit. They have full access to all available wagering markets and to their betting history. Operators gain full visibility into all customer transactions, enabling robust analytics. Regulatory compliance is considerably enhanced through the record keeping and reporting capabilities of the system, with full transparency enhancing compliance capabilities. The account based sports wagering platform is secure, scalable, and architected for rapid deployment.

Flexibility and Mobility

CG Technology’s gaming platforms offer mobile gaming solutions that provide flexibility to its users. The use of GEO-IP and Geo-fencing ensures all client IP addresses are within a specified region. This can be targeted to a specific city, state, or even as small of an area as a resort property. Dual authentication protects accounts from misuse. CG Technology applications are user friendly with the highest security and protection standards.

CG Sports™

CG Sports™ is the industry leading mobile sports wagering App. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the intuitive, modern user interface allows customers to place a wide range of wagers on a full menu of sporting events, all from their mobile devices. The Apps feature industry leading security features, giving customers a secure way to place wagers from their account. For licensed operators, the App supports full geo-fencing, enabling the platform to function in locations where permitted by laws or regulations, from individual properties to entire countries.

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CG Casino™

Expanding a physical casino usually takes a lot of time and a lot of money. With CG Casino™, you can expand the footprint of your casino operation in a capital efficient manner, and fast! CG Casino™ operates securely on most modern WiFi systems, and can be configured to operate only in designated locations to conform to local regulations. Once operational, customers can download the App to their own personal smartphones or tablets, connect to the property WiFi, and then enjoy exciting casino games like Blackjack, Baccarat, video poker and slots, all for real money. CG Casino™ is the modern way to play.

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Step 1: Install the CG Device Validator app 
Download this APK file and install before downloading the Android app.

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