Mobile Sports

Is there anything you can’t do on a smartphone nowadays? Well check off Sports Betting! The Cantor Mobile Sports Betting App has just put the full resources of a Cantor Race & Sports Book into the palm of your hand. Open a mobile wagering account at any Cantor Race & Sports Book, download our mobile sports app on your smartphone or tablet, and wager anywhere within the state of Nevada!  At home or by the pool, while hiking or playing golf, just take a moment, log on and you’re in the game.  Our full suite of sports wagers including pre-game, parlays, In-Running, and proposition bets are available for you anytime.



Cantor’s proprietary XTRAODDS™ games give more betting options to the player by offering extra proposition wagering to familiar games such as Blackjack and Baccarat. Players with weak hands can hedge their bets while a player feeling confident can make a second bet in his/her favor.  The odds for the proposition – or extra odds bets – are calculated dynamically in real time using proprietary algorithms. Xtra Action, Xtra Bets, XtraOdds!



MobileMillions™ is an exciting new game using a classic roulette layout that allows players to play a number across 5 wheels instead of just 1! MobileMillions also offers a Poker style bonus bet based on qualifying poker hands (such as a flush, straight, full house, etc) using the results of all 5 wheels. In addition, players have a chance at a Progressive Jackpot, giving them multiple ways to win big!



“Slottery™” is a fun and fast-paced game based on the low-risk numerical odds concept used in playing KENO!  Players select five numbers between 1 and 24 per line, and can play up to three lines per game. “Slottery™” gives players the flexibility to select their own numbers, or request a random pick. This low-fee, rapid-results game  is multi-denominational and gives players the opportunity to win a Progressive Jackpot!



In-Running™ continues to change the face of sports wagering by allowing wagers to be made on a variety of outcomes during an event.  Open an account at a Cantor Sports Book, log on and select your game and access the In-Running™ screen.  You can wager on run/no run in each half inning in baseball, first downs in football, free throws in basketball and many other options.  The odds on point spreads, money lines, and total points change constantly during the game allowing you to press or hedge your bets as you watch the game. Take advantage of a scoring opportunity-YOU CAN BET ON IT!

All Cantor wagering options are also available on our mobile sports application-DOWNLOAD IT NOW!


Bettor Odds Parlays

A new twist on a classic wager, Bettor Odds Parlays™ brings parlays into the 21st century. Bettor Odds Parlays™ are available on a daily basis and more importantly, they are available electronically. Electronic delivery allows more accurate odds that are continually updated throughout the day. This allows bettors to make smarter choices based on more information. Bettor Odds Parlays™ are available on electronic terminals at all Cantor Race & Sports Books as well as part the Cantor Mobile SportsWagering App.

Kill the Number (tm)

Kill The Number™

Keno with a Twist! Kill The Number starts with a complete board of 50 numbers. Players pick up to five numbers they hope will survive as numbers are removed from the board. Round 1 sees 26 numbers removed. If the player has any surviving numbers, the player can then choose to cash out or press their luck for Round 2 where 13 more numbers are removed. Any surviving number allows the player to cash out or carry on to Round 3 where dodging the removal of 6 more numbers can lead to an even bigger payday! KTN is part of CG Technology’s proprietary Mobile Casino Games library. Learn more at any Cantor Race & Sports Book location.


Cantor Mobile Casino™

Cantor Gaming offers exclusive casino games such as Mobile Millions™, Kill The Number™ and Line ‘Em Up™ on our proprietary Mobile Casino platform. These games and many others are available exclusively at casino properties that partner with CG Technology. Open a Cantor Mobile Casino™ account to play casino games for real money on your phone or tablet while dining, lounging by the pool or walking through the casino – NO TABLE REQUIRED™! “Play Where You Want, When You Want, What You Want™” while on the resort property.