Entity Wagering

In June 2015, Nevada enacted Senate Bill 443. This bill allows Nevada entities to pool funds from investors and wager with those funds in the Nevada race and sports markets. CG Technology will work with you to establish your entity wagering account so you can trade in the Nevada race and sports markets.

What You Need to Know to Get Started:

The entity applying to open a wagering account must: (i) be Nevada entity registered with Nevada’s Secretary of State; (ii) establish a bank account in Nevada with a Nevada-based bank; (iii) submit the name, address, proof of identity by a government-issued ID, source of funds and tax information of all individuals associated with the entity to CG Technology, L.P. for review.

If you have additional questions or are interested in applying for an entity wagering account, please contact us.

What is Entity Wagering
* If a business entity has a sports wagering account with CG Technology, L.P., the existence of such wagering account does not implicitly or explicitly constitute an endorsement or recommendation by CG Technology, L.P. of the business entity. CG Technology, L.P. bears no responsibility and expressly disclaims responsibility for the accuracy, legality, services, and/or investment in any business entity that has a wagering account with CG Technology, L.P.
Any individual who invests in, or does business with, a business entity that has a sports wagering account with CG Technology, L.P. should perform their own due diligence on any such investment, consult with appropriate professional advisors and must not rely, in any means or manner, on the existence of a CG Technology, L.P. sports wagering account in reaching any investment or business decision regarding such business entity.


** By providing the above information and the links below, CG Technology, L.P. does not intend nor does it purport to provide legal advice. You are encouraged to read the Nevada law and regulations on this subject by clicking the buttons above.